Montauk Point Lighthouse-Watching Over the Atlantic Since 1796

montauk.lighthouse.longisland.sunrise.jpgThe Montauk Point Lighthouse sits at the very tip of the south fork of Long Island watching over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s town holds a history that spans centuries and is affectionately referred to as “The End” by native Long Islanders. This National Historic Landmark boasts a museum with a bevy of history from George Washington to Roosevelt’s Rough Riders to Amistad and more.

Visit the Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk3The entire family can enjoy the day here with a playground, hiking, fishing, and ocean beach access (not for swimming, but don’t forget your sunscreen). The 137 spiral stair climb to the top of the lighthouse is the best part of the visit for me. The views are magnificent and the air is intoxicating! If you plan ahead, you can take advantage of outdoor events such as Lighthouse Weekend, the Great Eastern Music Festival or a terrific local band at the park’s concession restaurant. If you prefer, you can pack your own food for a picnic on the beach or playground area tables.

Montauk.lighthuse.fisherman.wall.jpgIf you’re up for more adventure you can venture out at the base of the lighthouse and walk across the boulders that make up the fishermen’s deck. This walkway-like ledge extends from one end of the shore to another as it stretches across the lighthouse along the salty ocean.

Montauk Point State Park offers hiking with views and beach access. You can visit the state park website for the trail map or explore on your own by wandering down the sandy paths that poke out between the local flora.

Turtle Cove is one of our favorite areas for nature photos and watching the sunrise. Camp Hero has some terrific hiking with some spooky history! All of the trails are easy to moderate.


Fun Info about the Montauk Point Lighthouse and Area

  • Montauk25
    Lighthouse Window

    The area’s unique atmosphere, landscape, and local legend,inspired the movie Jaws.

  • Montauk is the “Surfcasting Capital of the World”
  • President George Washington commissioned the building of this lighthouse, the first lighthouse in New York State–completed 1796.
  • Montauk Point Lighthouse is the 4th oldest active lighthouse in the U.S.
  • Captain Kidd, the pirate, is rumored to have buried his treasure by the foot of the lighthouse site around 1699 at two ponds. Look for the “Money Ponds.
  • The U.S. Army occupied the lighthouse and grounds during WWII.
  • The area of Montauk derives its name from the Montaukett tribe that lived here. They were Algonquian-speaking.
  • One of the most notable shipwrecks, the British HMS Culloden, is 150 feet off Culloden Point and has become the first underwater park on Long Island. Grab your scuba gear!
  • Deep Hollow Ranch claims to be the oldest working ranch in the U.S., dating back to 1658.

Plan a Trip to the Montauk Point Lighthouse

  • For an added bonus, you can visit the new Montauk Ocean’s Institute.surfcasting.montauk.longisland.jpg
  • There is a fee for parking ($8/day between 8am-4pm) and the lighthouse ($12 adult, $8 senior, $5 child), but the money is well spent.
  • The lighthouse hours change seasonally and weather permitting. It is typically open daily during the summer hours and only on weekends in the off-season. Check their website for up to date info.
  • Notes: Children must be at least 41” tall to climb the tower.
  • Senior citizens 62 and older park for free Mon-Fri with a valid NYS driver’s license.
  • Visit:
  • 200 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY (or just The End of the road, you will see the lighthouse as you approach)

Family Adventure Rating ♥♥♥♥♥

Cost– If you live in Suffolk County, this trip can be very low cost. You can pack your own food and drinks to minimize expenses. Parking, lighthouse tickets, and gas all factor in making this trip under $80 for a family of five. Don’t forget to pack essentials for the day so you don’t incur extra charges (Sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, fishing equipment, picnic blanket, cooler for food, etc.)

Parking & Transportation– Parking is close and there’s plenty of it. The lot is in the center of the Montauk Point State Park which allows easy access to each feature- lighthouse, beach access, hiking trails, eatery, bathrooms, playground). The lot can accommodate larger vehicles like RV’s.  If you don’t have your own transportation, the LIRR goes to Montauk. (Public buses run primarily in the summer to Montauk.) There are private taxi, bus and limousine services that will bring you to your destination from as far as NYC or as close as the LIRR. Make sure to factor in traffic (Friday night rush hour, late morning beach goers) when planning your trip.


Location– Montauk is isolated at the tip of Long Island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean so it can be a journey to get there. However, it is its isolation that makes it such a beautiful and relaxing location.  You are close to a full day’s worth of activities if you take full advantage of the park.

Day Trip or Overnight– If you live within Suffolk County, this can be a day trip. Depending on how far you live, you may need to start super early and end late.  We have left by 8am and returned home by midnight to make a really full day at Montauk (beach, shopping, food, friends).  If you’re coming from further, it’s a good idea to stay overnight.  There are many hotels, bungalows, campsites and other types of rentals that you can match with your budget. Places fill up fast in the summer, so plan ahead. Hither Hills State Park is close by and has an amazing camping facility on the beach, but it can fill up a year in advance.

Lighthouse Savior

Experience- If you enjoy nature, the ocean, and beaches then this is heaven for you. If you love the outdoors and have a conservation-type attitude, you will return again and again.  For all others, there’s a significant amount of history to enjoy and some newly rediscovered science fiction for entertainment.  Did you know that Netflix’s Stranger Things is based on a book, The Montauk Project, which is based on conspiracy theories surrounding Montauk’s very own Camp Hero (right next to the lighthouse)!

Combination- There is so much to do in Montauk that you can easily find enough to do to fill an entire day or even week.  Exploring Montauk State Park alone can fill an entire day or weekend on its own. You can also enjoy Shadmoor State Park and Hither Hills. Looking for something really unique? Check out The Walking Dunes! Additionally, there are plenty of beaches on the ocean and bay sides, shopping and food. Our favorite… Ditch Plains!


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  8. Chocoviv Avatar

    LIghthouses are so special in history…

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    1. newyorkfamilyadventures Avatar

      They are so interesting because of that! So many historical shipwrecks around them too!


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  10. Charli Dee Avatar

    Such an interesting first post! I loved reading the fun facts, especially the Stranger Things one! Exploring your blog is going to be fun! It’s been great getting to know you on social media Emily, and I look forward to learning more about you through your blog posts!

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    1. newyorkfamilyadventures Avatar

      Thank you so much, Charli! Your feedback is terrific. I hope you enjoy our adventures and even get inspired to adventure yourself. ❤️

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  11. Charli Dee Avatar

    I would definitely love to go on some adventures of my own too! 😁

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      You can do it! No adventure is too small if you’re having fun learning, exploring, and seeing new things.

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        Awww! Thankyou! I definitely want to more experiences! I want to see more of the world, and reading blogs like yours really makes want to even more! ❤️

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