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  • Tiny Living: Van Design Reality

    Tiny Living: Van Design Reality

    I have spent the past few months researching options and reading reviews from established Van Life bloggers and it has only made designing my van more difficult. My research has uncovered the hardcore reality of Van Life.

  • Tiny Living Week 19-Getting Personal

    Tiny Living Week 19-Getting Personal

    Everyone seems intrigued by the idea of Tiny Homes, but there isn’t much publicity on why people are thinking about a minimalist lifestyle. This discussion really should be front page news. Tiny homes are not a fad, they’re a reality for several different types of people across an array of society ranges and cultures.

  • Tiny Living Week 17-The Rat Race

    Tiny Living Week 17-The Rat Race

    The whole experiment of moving into a tiny home was to see if our family could improve its lifestyle. We wanted more than a pointless pursuit that was endless and self defeating. Getting ahead financially has to come with rewards. There’s no point in an exhaustive financial struggle that leaves no time for enjoying life.…