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  • Starting the Conversion Van Process

    Starting the Conversion Van Process

    My last post Van Design Reality had given me some really good facts on the importance of what we do with the space we have; and believe me, a van does not accommodate much space at all. The harsh reality of giving up so many conveniences is only off set by the motivation of living…

  • Tiny Living: Van Design Reality

    Tiny Living: Van Design Reality

    I have spent the past few months researching options and reading reviews from established Van Life bloggers and it has only made designing my van more difficult. My research has uncovered the hardcore reality of Van Life.

  • The Burgundy Zine #5-Be Present-Culture

    The Burgundy Zine #5-Be Present-Culture

    The Burgundy Zine asked me to submit a feature article that would fit their 5th issue—Be Present-Culture. It is such an honor to be invited back to this digital publication. After some thought about what it currently means for me to “be present” and the current meaning of “culture,” I could think of no better…

  • Tiny Living- Is Van Life For Us?

    Tiny Living- Is Van Life For Us?

    I can remember when I could fit all of my belongings into the back of my car. Of course, I was seventeen at the time. Things have really changed since then. Now I have decades of keepsakes, photo albums, and cumulative collections of things I enjoy. Add in business endeavors, two marriages, two grown children,…